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All Delhi schools upto Class V to remain closed on Wednesday

New Delhi. Delhi Government  decided to close all schools in Delhi up to primary level (Class V) on Wednesday 8 November  due to bad air quality in the national capital. The decision was taken in a meeting chaired by the Chief Minister.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Chief Minister, Minister of Health, Minister of Environment, Chief Secretary and other senior officials of the health, environment and education department.

It was also decided to direct all the schools to stop outdoor activities for all students in the school due to high level of pollution.

The situation of pollution was reviewed in the meeting and decision to close down school for young kids was taken although the parameters were less than Severe but quite close to it.

“The decision on further running of classes in Delhi schools after tomorrow will be taken after reviewing the situation tomorrow. Decision for Thursday would be taken looking at the parameters. We are keeping a very close eye and monitoring the situation 24*7,” said the Deputy Chief Minister.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that if need arises and the situation goes worse, the government is ready to go ahead with measures for Graded Action Plan- Banning entry of trucks, ban on construction and Odd Even formula for vehicular movement.

Advisory has also been issued to all morning walkers, high risk groups like small children, elderly, pregnant women, asthma patients, cardiac patients etc to stay away from pollution/outdoor activities during early morning and evening hours.

The government has also advised citizens to not to burn dry leaves, crop residue, wood, coal etc. Use of car pooling and public transport has been advised to the people apart from other measures to be taken.