leader! Who is this person? Where Adoes he come from? And what qualities does he have that so many people follow him? These are the few questions which always rise up in my mind when I think of a leader. And this year, I finally got my answer when I stood in the elections and represented my group. And I have come to know about the qualities of a true leader which I want to share with all my companions. A leader is a person who is never predictable. He is a person having abilities to take decisions, command, motivate and inspire the people around to make them believe what he is doing. A leader is not the one whom a huge crowd follows but who can go on his way without anyone following him or not. He is a person who not only attracts people but also enables them to become leaders. They are the ones who help others to steadily rise to the top of their respective fields. A leader is one who motivates others and makes them believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel after which another milestone of success would begin. So, in short, a leader is one who has fire in h i s c o r e , w h o h a s d e e p r o o t e d commitments to reach the goal and has the courage to take risks. • Noun is the father of the family and the main work is done by him. • Pronoun is like the old grandpa who sleeps most of the time but when he wakes up, takes the place of the father. • Adjective is papa’s daughter glorifying him always. • Verb is the mother. She does all works of the family. • Adverb is mummy’s son and always remains at the side of his mother and sometimes comments on her. • Preposition is like an organ that makes the affairs of the family meaningful. • Conjunction is like grandma who keeps sorting out the problems and quarrels of the family. • Interjections are relatives! They make unexpected sudden appearances!! The English Family Vaibhav Singh, XI – A

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